A couple more reviews for ‘The Things That Grow With Us’.

“Highly recommended reading! There is not a dud in the bunch, and Jordan Anderson knows how to pull off some really awesome work!”

“Most of it was really solid. The way the stories were crafted, especially as it pertains to perspective, was masterful. Some of the plots felt a little slow or a little too cerebral to be my taste, but they were all well executed.”


Chloee Magic’s review of ‘The Things That Grow With Us’

Here’s a short but sweet review by Chloee Magic for The Things That Grow With Us:


“The seven stories take you on a journey to outer space, where there are horrifying things awaiting, to a place of folklore, and mutations against prejudice. Anderson has done a perfect job of tackling each story with a strong and sharpened eye for the gory and the horrific.”

Something to sink your teeth into…

Just some updates and a little something to read at the end:

Writing and music are taking up quite a bit of time as of late. I’ve been reading a ton, as well; just recently finished Last Days by Evenson, The Ballad of Black Tom by LaVelle, and Outer Dark by Cormac McCarthy. I’m currently balls-deep in Behold the Void by Fracassi (excellent stories so far) and am about to start The Devil Rides Out by Wheatley.

Of the eight or so stories that will be in the next compilation of mine, I’ve got six of them in rough/first draft form, working on the rough drafts of the other two or three now. I’m excited to continue the work, slowly chipping away at the mountain that sits in front of me.

Ever heard of Ligotti? Whether you have or haven’t, I sincerely appreciate his story called “The Red Tower”. Check it out and let me know what you think about it down in the comments.